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Friday, 28 July 2017

power of positive thinking

yesterday i had a quick chat with my side team member. i ask him, "when are you going to achieve your significant milestone in business?" he said soon because he found inspiration in people like me. i am dumbfounded to be honest. i did not expect such kind words will come out from this smart fella.

he told me one thing, we both know that we are smart but we are losing out in terms of income to people who do not even have diplomas. what does this put us? sore losers. that is why he want to go all out to prove himself. he also want to help his senior partner to achieve greater heights.

his kind words made my day and i feel like i can achieve anything under the sun. just like this. he did advice, succeeding alone doesn't mean a thing. succeeding together that is something. thank you very much. i shall remember these days.

the decision that has changed my life positively 180 degree
i am thankful each other i am inspired. blogger feeling that is his best day of 2017.

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