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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

practise what you preach

it is an interesting day. what turns to be a catch up with a good friend turns out to be the biggest teaching i will ever need. first, we realize we match in terms of personality. so the understanding is there.  and he is logic as 1+1=2 and no emotional and feeling should be involved in anything, no matter what. as conversation rolls on, it turns out he felt that he is stagnant at his current position. and he seem to be seeking advice from me.

i started asking what went wrong and how is handling it in terms of career and relationship. i think this is one of the best advice i have ever given. i tell him, be very logical and be you in your career. in relationship, be the opposite. don't be you. be the person who wants to make the relationship to work even though you apologize for things that you do not do wrong. there is no right and wrong in relationship. it is just a relationship that requires mutual understanding and compromise. be the bigger person. listen to me once.

he suddenly got enlightened. for all the things that have been his stumbling block suddenly becomes clear. good. i ask him, just do it. don't think.

blogger decides it's time to act, not to react. time to move on, not self degrade.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Discover your destiny

I am mindblown by how one book that I browsed upon weeks ago turns out to be a very fulfilling destiny discovery journey. This book presents itself in a manner where if one were to discover your true self, first you need to be aware and awakened.

For the writer doesn't believe in self improvement, it is more on "self remembering" of our true selves and knowing the true nature of laws. I am at awed. There is a seven steps of Awakening Stages that one has to go through. I do realise I myself am trap in what we name society norms. in our pursuit to be accepted, we lost our true selves. it is in everyone's goal to find back yourself. ask yourself. who am i? why am i doing? is this what will i do to be my happy, true self?

the destiny discovery journey begins. i am grateful that this has come to my life.

To the one guru that enlightens me. Knowledge knows no boundary when you have a book. =)

Friday, 28 July 2017

power of positive thinking

yesterday i had a quick chat with my side team member. i ask him, "when are you going to achieve your significant milestone in business?" he said soon because he found inspiration in people like me. i am dumbfounded to be honest. i did not expect such kind words will come out from this smart fella.

he told me one thing, we both know that we are smart but we are losing out in terms of income to people who do not even have diplomas. what does this put us? sore losers. that is why he want to go all out to prove himself. he also want to help his senior partner to achieve greater heights.

his kind words made my day and i feel like i can achieve anything under the sun. just like this. he did advice, succeeding alone doesn't mean a thing. succeeding together that is something. thank you very much. i shall remember these days.

the decision that has changed my life positively 180 degree
i am thankful each other i am inspired. blogger feeling that is his best day of 2017.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Let's do this

At this moment when i type, i feel i am in me again. i am my chatty self. my confident self. my true self. i feel all my senses are peaked. i don't know what the future holds. please let this post be a gentle reminder that there are always ups and downs in life. just like how things that go up, must come down. there are things that go up, can go even higher!

thanks to my effort to be the best version of me. i have comrades now. i wake up feeling like i am much surrounded by positivity and motivation.

let's do this. you and me. together.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

the excitement in your heart

i have come to believe that for everything that i come across, there is no such thing as coincidence. i learn to accept that for every event/person/thing that i encounter, there is something i can learn from him/her/it.

for today (27 nov 2016). i have followed my true heart calling for the first time. at first, there is fear. really, i have said no so many times that i sometimes wonder what am i so afraid of. is it the fear of failure or the fear of myself attaining the dream that i ever wanted. yes. learn to conquer your fear. you need to stand above it. it is better to fail than regret. what have i got to lose. i have great support system and great family that i draw my strength from. 

i shall remember this very moment. they say just follow: copy and paste. do not copy, edit and paste. just do it. it is now or never. 

how are you today? i feel it is greatly fantastic. not because i have achieved success but because i finally have the courage to say, "yes, i want to try this"

if this serves as a tough lesson, so be it